CzechCrunch: Our Group's News, Discount Sector Growth, and Croatian Market Potential

We continue our successful expansion in the commercial real estate market. Recently, we expanded our portfolio with the addition of Galerija Bakar on the outskirts of the Croatian city of Rijeka. This acquisition has increased the number of our properties to 64, with a value exceeding 13 billion crowns and a leasable area of more than 314 square meters. 'This is already our second acquisition in Croatia and confirms that the local market has great potential. However, we focus on retail parks that serve the locals, not those dependent on tourists,' adds Roman Latuske for CzechCrunch regarding the strategy.

The Importance of Discount Chains in Our Real Estate Portfolio

In our retail centers, including Galerija Bakar, food retailers and discount stores play a crucial role. In times of economic uncertainty and rising inflation, many consumers turn to cheaper alternatives, which brings record sales to discounters. 'Pepco and TEDi are the fastest-growing chains. But the main focus is on food, which people will always buy, even in times of crisis. This strategy has proven successful for us, we trust it, food retailers make up almost 40 percent of our tenants. At the same time, it is important that each property we acquire immediately generates money, we rely on long-term leases, and all are secured with inflation clauses,' reminds Radek Hladký, partner of the ZDR Group.

You can read the full article directly on the CzechCrunch news website. There you will learn more about our strategy and the current figures for all our three funds.

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