Expanding into Slovenia with acquisition of three retail parks

The property map of ZDR Investments funds expanded in 2024, thanks to the acquisition of three retail parks in the towns of Prevalje, Ravne, and Slovenj Gradec in the northern part of Slovenia. 

Slovenia, with its two million inhabitants, fully meets the definitions of a politically and economically stable country, targeted by ZDR for its investments. It has been a member of NATO and the EU since 2004 and has been part of the Schengen Area and the eurozone since 2007. Slovenia's profile as an attractive investment opportunity is also confirmed by its excellent transport infrastructure, emphasis on sustainability, and high standard of living. In terms of GDP per capita in purchasing power parity units, the country ranks in the top half within the EU and holds the top spot in the Central and Eastern Europe region.  

The three retail parks that have become part of the qualified investor fund's portfolio are located in the Slovenian Carinthia region near the border with Austria. The newest retail park is located in Slovenj Gradec—it opened this year. The customers of the shopping center are not only the inhabitants of the city, which has a population of more than seven thousand, but also people from its surroundings. The retail park is located next to a major road crossing the north of the country. On an area of 4,928 m², there are SPAR grocery, Müller drugstore, Hervis sports goods, and Slovenian electronics retailer Big Bang. 

The largest retail park is in the town of Prevalje, which has a population of over 7,000. The area of 7,474 m² is leased by SPAR, discount chains Kik, TEDi, and other stores focused on daily necessities and discount goods. 

Just a few kilometers from Prevalje is the town of Ravne—an important industrial center of the region with a steel plant employing nearly 4,000 people. A retail park covering an area of 2,975 m² was built in 2022 right next to a residential area, whose residents form a significant part of the customer base. Among the tenants are SPAR, NKD, dm drogerie, and a local chain focused on affordable fashion, Mana, for example. 

With the new retail parks, the number of properties in the funds has grown to 66, and the total value has exceeded 14 billion CZK (EUR 24,04M). Furthermore, the annual rental income has stabilized at 984 million CZK (EUR 39M) per year. 

Slovenj Gradec Retail Park

Prevalje Retail Park

Ravne Retail Park

The ZDR Investments portfolio now consists of 66 properties across six European countries. The complete portfolio, along with maps, a list of tenants, photos of properties, and detailed information, is available here.