The Solar Transformation of Our Austrian Portfolio is Now Complete

Sustainable real estate operations are a priority of our ESG strategy. Retail parks, which constitute the majority of ZDR Investments' funds portfolio, are ideal candidates for photovoltaic power plants due to their large roof areas. 

The German and Austrian sections of the ZDR Investments portfolio already utilize solar energy. This year, we completed the solar transformation in the Austrian market by installing a photovoltaic plant on the roof of the Wolfsberg retail park. The electricity generated by the Wolfsberg photovoltaic plant is sold to the distribution grid and corresponds to the annual consumption of approximately 123 households. We estimate a CO₂ reduction of around 42 tonnes per year compared to electricity generation from non-renewable sources. 

Wolfsberg has been part of the ZDR QIF portfolio since 2020. On the area of 6,443 m² it hosts stores such as TEDi discount store, Müller drugstore, C&A fashion store, MyShoes shoe store, and Das Futterhaus pet supply store. The retail park is located in the district town of Wolfsberg, the third largest town in the Austrian Carinthia region with 25,000 inhabitants. 

PV in the Wolfsberg Retail Park

  • Installed capacity: 389 kWp   
  • Estimated electricity production: 370 MWh/year
  • Roof Area: 6 400 m²
  • CO2 savings: 42,51 tonnes pey year

Having completed the installation of solar panels on our German and Austrian properties, we are now focusing on the Czech market, where we have the largest number of retail parks. The first two Czech properties are already using solar energy, and we plan to equip at least ten more with solar panels this year. By the end of 2025, we aim to cover up to 70,000 m² with solar panels, achieving a total capacity of almost 5 MWp. 

PV on the roof of the Wolfsberg Retail Park

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