We care about people 

We can meet ambitious objectives only by forging firm relationships with our partners. Through shared projects, we are creating a more sustainable and healthier environment in which we ourselves want to live.

Cooperation with tenants  

Property acquisition does not mean the end in our company. We partner with more than 270 tenants in five European countries. Via a gradual application of green leases, we want to reach sustainable use of our properties. In addition to standard commercial provisions, green leases also contain both parties’ obligation to cooperate on environmental data sharing issues.

Environmental provisions in lease agreements are enforceable and include a number of topics ranging from energy consumption and origin monitoring to efficient water use to waste reduction.  

  • We include green memoranda and green provisions in leases with tenants (green lease). 


Besides comfortable spaces, we also provide tenants with a broad range of services related to the operation and management of buildings and other assets. We actively manage all properties in our investment portfolio: we run our own facility management in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This helps to enhance tenants’ satisfaction, boost the appreciation of the properties, and increase revenue for investors, and also to realise savings.  

  • We make sure that our buildings comply with all regulations and requirements.  

  • We optimise operating and maintenance costs with a view to achieving savings. 

  • Costs are also cut by sharing the services for our tenants.  

Philanthropy and sponsorship  

Rather than a duty, philanthropic activities are very natural for us. We support cultural activities with a view to promoting societal debate and smaller, usually local associations pursuing a variety of good causes.  

  • We encourage Czech culture and children’s physical activity.

  • We support selected projects or individuals who have landed in dire straits to help them grapple with the challenges that they face. 

  • We help to improve financial literacy amongst the public, and organise training and lectures for our distribution partners and investors.  

Affected communities  

Our properties serve primarily local residents and do not depend on the tourist season; this ensures their stable operation and minimises fluctuations. We look for properties emphasising support for local communities and sustainable development of regions.  

  • Our buildings are designed to meet primarily local customers’ needs, and this promotes local shopping and consumption. 

  • Thereby we indirectly create new jobs and boost local economy. 


We are very particular about equal conditions for all our employees, and promote their personal development and education. Ethical conduct is an integral part of our business. We expect each and every employee to comply with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact in respect of human rights, working standards, environmental protection, and fight against corruption.  

  • We emphasise equality, fairness, and inclusion. 

  • We strive to build our corporate culture as we grow. We organise regular in-house breakfasts for our employees. 

  • We follow a Code of Conduct that embodies the UN Guiding Principles on Business.