Portfolio with a lasting value 

We commit to open communication and maximum transparency towards our investors, business partners, and all stakeholders. We will carefully monitor and evaluate all data related to ESG. As part of regular reporting, we will follow established frameworks for ESG reporting accepted in our industry.

To achieve this, we have allocated resources and established clear principles and procedures related to data collection and the enforcement of transparency, accountability, and accuracy of reported data.


We use modern technology and a Deepki system for comprehensive data management for the purpose of consistent data collection, recording, and evaluation. We are able to fit all collected data within ESG categories and so obtain information about GHG emissions from the whole portfolio.  

  • We implement ESG software for data recording. 
  • We are very careful about data protection. 


We are putting in place an ESG reporting strategy that is in compliance with the EU legislation and ensures transparency for external stakeholders.  

  • Beginning in 2023, we will issue regular sustainability reports. 

  • A third party will audit the quality and accuracy of the disclosures in the ESG report.  

and accuracy  

Sustainable investment management requires that responsibility for ESG targets be integrated into all business functions and become part of the Group’s everyday operation.  

  • We are integrating ESG responsibility into management structures. 

  • We organise periodical training courses for employees in line with the ESG strategy targets. 

Clear organisational structure  

We are aware that a clear organisational structure can play a key role in the coordination, implementation, and monitoring of the ESG strategy. This is the only way to achieve our ESG targets and enhance the company’s image in all stakeholders’ eyes.  

  • Effective performance of assignments, a good state of tidiness internally, structured competences, and employees’ clear-cut responsibilities are in our interest.  

Anti-corruption policy and AML  

We are very particular about transparency and compliance. Fraudulent practices, corruption, money laundering – we apply AML systematically; discrimination, or breaches of competition rules are impermissible for us. We pay attention to the ethical management of the company in compliance with the legislation and to setting fairness values.  

  • We regularly train our employees in anti-corruption policy and AML. 

  • We have review procedures in place. 

  • No tolerance for any unethical practices.