2022: Historically best returns and many challenges

The year 2022 was full of challenges for real estate funds. The looming effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Russian aggression in Ukraine, record inflation and skyrocketing interest rates. Despite all of these factors, our funds have proven their resilience and delivered historically high returns.

The fund of qualified investors ZDR Investments SICAV a.s. reported an appreciation of 9.49% in investment class A (growth shares in CZK) for the year 2022. In class C (growth shares in EUR), it achieved an annual appreciation of 9.77%. The QIF fund has had a successful five-year period, during which it has regularly provided investors with stable growth of invested capital.

The real estate fund ZDR Investments Public SICAV a.s. also achieved the best results in its history for 2022, delivering a return of 7.53% to its shareholders.

Throughout their existence, both funds have regularly achieved stable performance. As a result, they have already consolidated their position among real estate funds investing in long-term leased commercial real estate and once again rank among the best performing funds in their category. They continue to pursue a conservative group-wide strategy based on investing in retail properties with tenants offering food, other daily necessities and affordable assortments.

"The ZDR Investments Group has had a very successful 5 years of existence, 3 of which were in very unusual conditions - first the covid, then the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis and high inflation. In spite of all these factors, investors who have invested with us in the Qualified Investor Fund since its inception have achieved an average annual return of 9.96%. We will continue with the strategy we have set in the coming years. This year's acquisitions will largely be directed abroad, specifically in Austria, Croatia and Slovakia," comments Roman Latuske, Partner of ZDR Investments.

During 2022, we expanded the portfolio of the entire group by 15 properties worth over CZK 3 billion. We now manage the funds of more than 9,000 investors in three funds.

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